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Rosemount™ 470 Transient Protector (Obsolete)
rosemount 470 transient protector
This product is now obsolete.
Relevant documents and drawings are listed below.
Contact your local Emerson representative for your measurement needs.
Rosemount™ 470 Transient Protector (Obsolete)


Temperature Range
–40 to 212 °F (–40 to 100 °C)
Power Supply
Two-wire transmitters: 45 V dc maximum; Low power and three-wire transmitters: 45 V dc maximum, 5 V dc minimum
Humidity Range
0 to 100% relative humidity


  • Prevents damage from transients induced by the effects of lightning, welding, heavy electrical equipment or switch gears for field-mounted transmitters
  • Protects transmitters after repeated strikes of up to 5,000 amps for long-lasting instrument durability
  • Withstood 2,000 amps or 10,000 volts in laboratory simulated lightning tests, providing proven reliability
  • Weatherproof, stainless steel-cased design functions in severe conditions, including high temperature and humidity
  • Options for two-wire, low power or three-wire transmitters offer application flexibility
  • Compatible with any Rosemount transmitter for instrument protection across a wide range of extreme applications