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Roxar™ Matrix Downhole Wireless Interface™
The Roxar Matrix Downhole Wireless Interface is installed as part of a permanent downhole monitoring system.
It allows for communication with wireless instruments provided by Metrol Technology and located at the reservoir sand face. The pressure and flow data leads to efficient well and reservoir management, while the Roxar HS Gauge provides a life of the well permanent monitoring system.
Roxar™ Matrix Downhole Wireless Interface™


Production tubing
3 ½” - 7”
Design Pressure
20.000 psi
Inconel 718
Operating Temperature
-5°C to 150°C
Wireless to instruments at reservoir sand face

Cable to topside or Subsea interface card
DHNC interface card fully IWIS compatible


  • Enables wireless communication with Metrol instruments at reservoir sand faces
  • Connects to the standard Roxar Integrated Downhole Network (IDN) cable
  • Simple communications and fully integrated communications solution
  • Interfaces with pressure gauges, valves and temperature arrays from Metrol Technology
  • Provides a HS gauge permanent downhole monitoring system for the life of the well