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Rosemount™ 372 Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) Resistant pH sensor
rosemount 372 sensor
The Rosemount 226 toroidal conductivity sensor measures conductivity in highly conductive liquids up to 2 S/cm (2,000,000 ?S/cm).
This toroidal/inductive sensor has a robust fouling-resistant design which makes it ideal for measuring conductivity in harsh, corrosive and fibrous liquid applications.
Rosemount™ 372 Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) Resistant pH sensor


Measurement Range
0 to 12 pH (0-14 pH if no sodium ions are present)
Ambient Temperature
-5 to 50°C [23 to 122°F] (100°C [212°F] if no fluoride ions are present)
0.4 kg/0.9 kg (1 lb/ 2 lb)


  • Enhanced resistance to process attack provided by field-proven pH glass formulation
  • Extended sensor life provided by double junction reference cell for process solutions that contain poisoning ions
  • Versatile mounting options provided by 3/4“ MNPT forward facing and 1“ MNPT reverse facing threads
  • Superior chemical resistance due to rugged Ultem¹ body, completely sealed to eliminate sensor leakage.