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Rosemount™ 141 Insertion Conductivity Sensor
rosemount 141 insertion conductivity sensor
The Rosemount 141 Contacting Conductivity Sensor is ideal for use in clean, low conductivity applications.
The conductivity sensor features a 3/4 in. MPT process connection for installation directly into process piping, vessels or flow through tees. The conductivity sensor is available with a high temperature option for use up to 200° C.
Rosemount™ 141 Insertion Conductivity Sensor


Ambient Temperature
See Product Data Sheet for details.
Materials of Construction
Wetted Materials:
Electrodes & Body: 316 stainless steel
Insulator: PEEK
O-Rings: Viton™


  • Selectable cell constants of 0.2/cm and 1.0/cm for moderately high conductivity applications
  • High temperature conductivity sensor options for use between 100°C to 200°C
  • Easy field wiring due to integral cast aluminum junction box