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Plantweb™ Insight Network Management Application
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The Plantweb Insight Network Management application is designed for continuous, centralized monitoring of wireless networks across industrial facilities.
To ensure operations adhere to network best practices, this application offers strategic analysis that enables teams to prioritize maintenance and make informed decisions fast. This solution includes a network mesh diagram for a consolidated view of network health and diagnostics to quickly identify issues and areas for improvements.

Ensuring Wireless Network Health

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Plantweb™ Insight Network Management Application


Operating System
VMware Workstation Pro/Player 10 or higher / Vmware vSphere 5.5 or higher or Microsoft Hyper-V
  • 4 processors
  • 4GB RAM minimum
  • 100GB of free hard drive space
Software Compatibility
Compatible Browsers:
  • Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
Communication Protocol


  • Dashboard provides consolidated summary of all networks to quickly identify and diagnose network issues
  • Aggregated view of network status helps prioritize maintenance and promotes informed decision-making
  • Calculated insights allow users to easily recognize problem areas and troubleshoot faster
  • Analytics include network availability with load statistics and historical overview of network health
  • Alerts Log tracks syslog alerts across all networks for immediate visibility into individual network issues
  • Log reports can be filtered and sorted for quick identification and custom reports
  • Summary view displays network by network data that is searchable, filterable and sortable
  • Details page shows specific network performance in conformance to network best practices
  • Drag-and-drop mesh network diagram enables users to modify and create an accurate network display
  • Configurable network diagram presents specific device data with troubleshooting guidance