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Rosemount™ 225 Toroidal Conductivity Sensor
rosemount 225 toroidal conductivity sensor
The Rosemount 225 Toroidal Conductivity Sensor is intended for use in pharmaceutical and food & beverage applications where a sanitary design is required.
This conductivity sensor is corrosion and fouling resistant and is ideal for measuring the concentration of CIP solutions, detecting product/water interfaces, checking product quality, and monitoring eluents in chromatographic separations.
Rosemount™ 225 Toroidal Conductivity Sensor


Ambient Temperature
Glass-filled PEEK Sensor: 230°F (110°C) / 200 psig (1480 kPa [abs])
Unfilled PEEK Sensor: 266°F (130°C) / 200 psig (1480 kPa [abs])
Unfilled Tefzel Sensor: 230°F (110°C) / 200 psig (1480 kPa [abs])
2 lb/3 lb (1.0 kg/1.5 kg)
Cable Length: 20 ft (6.1 m)


  • USP Class VI Compliant
  • FDA Food Contact 21CFR177.2415 Compliant
  • 3-A Sanitary Standard 74-06 Conformance
  • 2-inch Tri-Clamp Process Connection
  • Robust measurements - insensitive to process flow and direction
  • Meet application compatibility requirements with a selection of chemical resistant body options including PEEK and Tefzel