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Rosemount™ PowerVUE™ Fan Damper Actuators 8x14 Torque Type
rosemount pvd814
The 8 x 14 Heavy Duty units offer greater force for tougher jobs such as huge slide dampers.
With few moving parts, the pneumatic power positioner remains the most reliable and most cost-effective method of actuation. Torque ranges are offered from 400 ft-lbs to 4,600 ft.-lbs.
Rosemount™ PowerVUE™ Fan Damper Actuators 8x14 Torque Type


Ambient Temperature
+/- 0.5% of full stroke or better
80 lbs. (36 kg) typical
Humidity Range
Operable up to 100% RH


  • Combines the power and reliability of the Hagan Pneumatic Drive with the accuracy and features of the Fisher DVC5000/6000 Digital Valve Controller
  • Integral I/P: FOUNDATION® fieldbus input or 4-20 mA
  • Reliable, closed loop positioning
  • Double acting piston; no vanes
  • Optional "�fail in place"� upon loss of air
  • Manual operator
  • ValveLink Diagnostics/AMS
  • Suitable for hazardous area service; explosion-proof, flameproof or intrinsically safe
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Ease of repair