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Rosemount™ OPM3000 Opacity Dust Density Monitor
rosemount opm3000
The Rosemount OPM3000 Opacity Dust Density Monitor stack mounting transmissometer sensor system consists of an optical transceiver mounted on one side of the stack and a retro reflector mounted on the other.
The OPM3000 ratio measurement technique provides continuous automatic compensation for variations in light source intensity to ensure prolonged instrument accuracy and stability. Since the OPM3000 is insensitive to the absolute intensity of the light source, it is not affected by light source aging.
Rosemount™ OPM3000 Opacity Dust Density Monitor


Enclosure Rating
Panel mounted IP65/NEMA4X Dimensions 96 x 96 x 64 mm (3.8"�x3.8"�x2.5"�). Power 20.4 to 28.8 VDC < 10 % ripple, 400 mA.
CE and UL Listed
3 inch IPS, 150 lb. flange, standard


  • USEPA ASTM D 6216 and 40 CFR 60 PS-1 grade optics
  • Alignment viewing port enables the operator to visually check system alignment at anytime during operation
  • Dual beam measurement assures high sensitivity, freedom from errors due to vibration or minor misalignment
  • Insensitive to ambient light
  • The solid-state light modulation system eliminates possible interference due to ambient light
  • Automatic lamp aging compensation
  • All measurements are made on a ratio basis and are independent of the absolute intensity of the light source
  • Three user selectable displays
  • Optional SD Card for program backup and changes
  • Communications via MODBUS RS485 or 4–20mA output
  • CE and (C)UL Listed
  • Password protected settings