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Emerson Steam University Emerson Steam University

Steam University is a comprehensive introduction to final control applications in steam systems. The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of key steam generation and distribution applications, including boiler blowdown, boiler level monitoring, pressure relief, steam trapping, pump protection and pressure reduction.

This course includes real-world examples, best practices, selection criteria and maintenance tips for effective operation.

Join us virtually for this expert-led series, Emerson Steam University on October 19, 2021. Explore how you can improve efficiency and reliability, increase production, and reduce downtime.

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Join us for just $250/person virtually on October 19!

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Course will be offered on October 19 virtually between 9am and 5pm ET.

Emerson's Tim Dwyer will cover the basics of steam and an overview of common steam systems found in most facilities. Topics include types of steam, steam generation, common boiler types, steam distribution, and challenges within steam systems.
Emerson's Tim Dwyer will cover the fundamentals of steam trap operation, applications of steam traps, and testing methods. Topics include operation, proper installation, the three testing methods, steam system troubleshooting, and the benefits of steam trap audits/walkdowns.
Proconex’s Austin Wilkinson will cover safety relief valve fundamentals and their requirements per ASME BVPC code for steam service applications. Topics include operation, maintenance, code requirements, and troubleshooting. Kevin Burke will also cover the basic applications surrounding pressure and temperature control using pressure regulators in the steam systems.
Proconex’s Barry Traylor and Jason Ostrum will cover valve technology used to isolate pressure.  Topics included for this section are common setups, severe service applications, shutoff, desuperheating/steam conditioning, and troubleshooting.
Emerson’s Orlando Ramirez will cover the importance of boiler feedwater quality, level, and delivery to the boiler.  Topics include maintaining proper water chemistry, blowdown, blow off, level monitoring, and feedwater delivery in steam systems.


Is the Steam University in person or virtual?
Steam University is being offered virtually on October 19th.
Do I have to attend all of the sessions?
No, feel free to join us throughout the day for the portions you are available.
How much does Steam University cost?
The seminar is $250 per person that attends. Customers will be invoiced upon registration. 
How will I access the webinar?
Once you register you will receive an email with a URL to join the virtual Steam University.
Please contact Wes Baylor for any additional questions at [email protected]

Join Us Virtually on October 19th

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