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Aperio Software
Operational continuity is key for your ship’s long-term success.
With Aperio Software you get a single point overview of your ship’s systems, which improves your ability to plan, control, monitor and react to alarms. It’s designed to manage a variety of stand-alone systems for tank monitoring, valve and pump control fuel management and alarm acquisition. The Aperio is highly scalable and flexible with customizing capabilities for most any combination of tasks, for most any size of vessel.
Aperio Software


Operating System
Windows 7 Embedded
CPU Specifications
CPU Requirements: Single or multicore, 1.9 GHz or higher
RAM requirements: 2 GByte or more
Hard Disk requirements: 8 GByte or more


  • Specifically designed as Integrated Control & Monitoring System for Ships and Offshore Units to optimize ship handling
  • Focused on planning, control, monitoring and alarm functionality with unique icon to identify various functions
  • Dual User interface color themes enhance usability and safety
  • Visual mimics of interface allows for simplified task-specific actions
  • Touch friendly menu via touch screen monitors provides for ease of use
  • Dynamic coloring of pipelines, valves, pumps and tanks provides clear understanding of product flow
  • Identification and diagnose abnormal situations within the system
  • Customizable alarm filtering can be used to handle various alarms for the systems on board
  • Robust design with flexible installation and Ethernet communications network allows for fast fault recovery.
  • A trusted and evolving software platform that’s been proven in the marine environment on thousands of vessels worldwide and backed by renowned global support.
  • Scalable for use on 1 or more Workstations
  • Color Schemes for both Night and Day view(Dark and Light Themes)