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AMS Device Manager Asset Source Interface
The AMS Device Manager asset source interface (ASI) enables access to the health of your intelligent field devices from Plantweb Optics Collaboration Software. Connecting AMS Device Manager with Plantweb Optics allows users to leverage their asset management database, delivering valuable health and diagnostic information to Plantweb Optics. Receive critical device alerts wherever you are so that you always have insight into the health and performance of your smart devices.
AMS Device Manager Asset Source Interface


Plantweb Optics version
AMS Device Manager version
v13.1.1 and higher
Operating System
Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit, Windows 10 Professional, Windows 7 Professional


  • Deliver instrument and valve health information from AMS Device Manager to the Plantweb Optics
  • Monitor device health remotely and efficiently
  • Send device alerts to relevant personas, no matter where they are
  • Connect mulitple AMS Device Manager systems to a single Plantweb Optics