Asset Management Systems

Improve Safety, Availability and Profitability

Excessive interruptions and lost time due to preventable failures mean elevated costs and lower production. However, the right reliability services can decrease downtime AND decrease maintenance cost.

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Online Machinery Monitoring

Emerson’s online machinery monitoring solutions combine API 670 protection with prediction and performance monitoring integrated with your process automation system to deliver a complete solution for managing both fixed and rotating assets.

AMS 6500

The AMS 6500 Machinery Health Monitor is designed for process automation and protection system upgrade projects. Fully compliant with API 670, the 6500 uses module self-health checking, instrumentation health monitoring and hot-swappable, external, redundant power to prevent missed trips.

AMS 6500 ATG

The new AMS 6500 ATG protection system allows users to introduce prediction monitoring of critical assets without adding a secondary prediction system. Users can download an app that allows them to scan a QRC positioned outside the field cabinet and view data from that protection system on their mobile device from anywhere on the plant network.

AMS 2600

The AMS 2600 Machinery Health Expert is the fit between two channel portable analyzers and permanently-installed online vibration monitoring. The 2600 has the power to deliver quantitative answers whether diagnosing a suspected load, speed, or batch dependent problem, bringing a new machine online, or verifying critical speed prior to machine acceptance from the vendor.

Diagnostic Equipment

If you know the health of your rotating mechanical assets, you are able to plan for repairs rather than react to unexpected failures. Emerson’s AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager diagnoses and communicates the health of mechanical and rotating machinery using data from several predictive maintenance technologies. This includes integrating data from third-party, complimentary technology vendors such as mini labs and handheld oil analyzers from Spectro Scientific., and popular infrared and thermography cameras from FLIR and Fluke.


Emerson’s commitment to predictive technologies delivers an asset management software suite that improves asset reliability and performance to help customers operate and manage their production assets more effectively.

  • AMS Performance Advisor
    • AMS Performance Advisor provides critical performance data to increase overall plant efficiency. Performance Advisor reduces operating costs by tracking deviation costs over time, allowing plant personnel to take corrective action and defray controllable losses.
  • AMS Machinery Health Management
    • Emerson’s AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager diagnoses and communicates the health of mechanical and rotating machinery using data from several predictive maintenance technologies, so you can plan for repairs rather than react to unexpected failures.
  • AMS Device Manager
    • AMS Device Manager provides real- time condition data from your intelligent field devices, so plant staff can make informed decisions, and avoid plant shutdowns and unnecessary costs.
  • AlertTrack
    • AlertTrack is a SNAP-ON to AMS Device Manager. Route alerts to your cell phone, or mobile device for on-the-go notification of device health or process environment conditions.
  • QuickCheck
    • QuickCheck is a SNAP-ON to AMS Suite. Streamline interlock checkout by grouping, monitoring and fixing the output of HART transmitters from the convenience of your AMS Device Manager workstation.


Protect critical industry machinery against downtime. Proconex offers a full line of sensors and related accessories that interface with your online systems and handheld data collection devices.

  • Accelerometers
  • Mechanical
  • Cables
  • Terminal Boxes


Machine condition monitoring using oil analysis is a predictive maintenance solution for industrial environments. An oil analysis program allows for reduction in unexpected failures and costly downtime for manufacturing components such as gears, pumps, compressors, engines, bearings, hydraulic systems, and other machinery. Proconex has a full line of Spectro analyzers for your oil analysis needs.

  • Particle Analyzers
  • Viscosity Analyzers
  • Liquid Contamination Analyzers
  • Chemistry Analyzers


With wireless transmitters, you can access all the information that exists in your plant. Envision the ability to monitor measurement points that were previously too costly to access.

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