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Proconex Selected as Fike® Product Representative in Maryland

January 7, 2021

Safeguard Your Valuable PRVs and Greatly Extend Their Service Life With Affordable Precision Engineered Rupture Discs

Pressure or safety relief valves (PRV/SRV) are commonly used to protect many processes—and ultimately your business. While highly essential, they can be costly to maintain and expensive to replace. Now you can safeguard your valuable PRVs and greatly extend their service life with affordable rupture discs from Fike. Fike rupture discs can be used to isolate your Pressure Relief Valves from process media and downstream contaminants. The rupture disc takes the abuse, preserving the internals of your PRV and protecting it from corrosive media, build-up and polymerization.
PRVs can also be a major source of process media emissions, an increasing environmental concern. By installing Fike rupture/bursting discs upstream of your PRV, you not only protect the valve, but greatly decrease emissions. There are additional cost saving advantages, such as possible exemption from PRV monitoring requirements and a significant reduction in the chances of receiving fugitive emission fines.
Learn more about how Fike Rupture Discs work or
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Look to Proconex for all of your PRV and Fike rupture disc needs, as well as a professional service organization to help you protect your investments. Proconex is the exclusive Emerson Impact Partner in the Mid-Atlantic region and a leading provider of Valves and Equipment, Process Automation Control Systems, Operation Software, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions. Headquartered in Royersford, PA with offices in Towanda, PA and Swedesboro, NJ, our highly skilled technicians provide onsite, emergency and repair service for any type of industrial pressure, pressure relief, or safety valve, including Fike. Our certifications include National Board VR, ASME V, and ASME UV.
Get to know Proconex. We are a professional, dynamic organization with a knowledgeable and experienced staff of inside and outside salespeople trained in all aspects of Fike products. Proconex staff is prepared and ready to assist you with all your Fike applications. For product or application questions, quotations, or other information, please contact Austin Wilkinson, Pressure Management Business Development.