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Cybersecurity Services from Proconex

November 17, 2021

Protect Your DeltaV™ Industrial Control System

Cybersecurity is a hot topic, and for excellent reasons. Many of our DeltaV™ customers are actively looking to evaluate, harden, or protect their industrial control systems, in areas like network security, workstation hardening, user account management, patching and security management, physical security and perimeter protection, security monitoring and risk assessment, and data management.

Proconex has the field experience and expertise to provide audits, assessments, and associated recommendations for a course of action. As an Emerson Impact Partner, Proconex also offers industrial control cybersecurity implementation services from Emerson


Our Emerson-Certified Experts have taken specific training programs that include antivirus, disaster recovery, data integrity, and MS Windows-based training tailored for Emerson control systems. Furthermore, each certified expert has completed a minimum of 160 hours of training and has experience implementing antivirus, patch management, and/or disaster recovery solution.