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Small Data Brings Big Improvements for DeltaV Customers

March 25, 2020

Harnessing Analytics to Improve Your Batch Manufacturing Processes

Small Data Yields Big Results

To improve the day-to-day productivity of your manufacturing facility, you need the ability to gain insights from the ‘smaller’ data: 
  • Why did a simple filter change take 10 minutes longer than it should have?
  • Why does cooling take 5 minutes longer on reactor 1 than reactor 2?
  • Why is there more turnaround time between batches than normal?

Details of small repetitive losses, that can add up to large operational delays, are key to improving productivity; however, personnel often default to the big questions. Engineers then question the supervisor, who wasn’t on that shift, who asks the operator, who also wasn’t on that shift. If they're lucky, there may be some notes from the prior shift. This process is more like playing ‘whisper down the lane’ than a systemic process improvement program. 

What about the repetitive small events? Cutting 10 minutes on every batch yields Big Results; however, finding Small Data is not easy and requires a programmatic approach. The plant must capture the small whys in real time from the operators running the operations, as soon after the delay as possible. Furthermore, the process of capturing data needs to be easy for the operators, or they won’t use it.

Capturing and contextualizing small data is exactly why we developed DataJaguar. Our production analytics software allows you to capture the small data and gain better insights to the accurate cause of batch process delays.

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