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Improve Reliability and Optimize Production with Automation Solutions

Most plants are being asked to do more, produce more, and document more with fewer resources. Proconex can help you save time, improve reliability and optimize production.

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Reliability Services

Unplanned downtime caused by reliability issues can have a significant impact on safety, availability, and production capacity.

Proconex can help you:
  1. Explore the value of maintenance and reliability readiness as a strategic initiative
  2. Deploy consistent standards-based reliability practices throughout your enterprise
  3. Provide the technology to keep you running at peak performance

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Severe Service Control Valve Asset Management
Outage Planning and Management

From initial planning to execution and post-outage review, our team can help you maximize your planned turnaround/outage to keep your plant running at optimal levels. View Outage Planning and Management Services

Wireless Services

Smart Wireless solutions provide seamless integration of wireless technologies with existing wired networks to address process industry needs. Wireless technologies can solve difficult plant problems and improve plant operations, and save you up to 90% over a new wired installation. Learn More about Wireless Technology and Related Services

Valve Automation Solutions

Whether you need to block and divert, operate, or control your application, our technical experts can help with the selection, sizing, testing, calibration and documentation of your control valves, actuators and related accessories. Learn More

Lamda Tuning

Lamda Tuning refers to a tuning method where the control loop speed of response is a selectable tuning parameter. It is model-based and uses a model inverse and pole-zero cancellation to achieve the desired closed loop performance. Lambda tuning offers a very robust way of tuning process loops to gain improved process stability along with a uniform end product.

Valve, Mechanical & Instrument Services

Proconex can provide you with applications engineering expertise, Valve, Instrument and Calibration Services. Learn More

Educational Training

Proconex can provide hands on-training at your site or at our state-of-the-art training facility. There are a number of course offerings available for Final Control, Automation and Oil and Gas. A customized training curriculum can be developed based on your specific needs. Learn More

Connect Plant Floor Data to Your Enterprise

Our expertise with process automation systems and final control devices puts Proconex in a unique position to help you gain valuable data from your plant assets, turn that data into actionable information, and help you share it enterprise wide to allow for business planning that drives bottom line return.

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