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Pressures are increasing to get new products to market faster with consistent product quality and reduced operating costs.

Pressures are increasing to get new products to market faster with consistent product quality and reduced operating costs.

With staff reductions and increased regulations governing the food and beverage industry, you need to be able to make faster decisions based on reliable data. Proconex can help you address these challenges.

Reliability Services
Unplanned downtime caused by reliability issues can have a significant impact on safety, availability, and production capacity.

Proconex can help you:
  • Explore the value of maintenance and reliability readiness as a strategic initiative
  • Deploy consistent standards-based reliability practices throughout your enterprise
  • Provide the technology to keep you running at peak performance
Smart Process Safety Services
We understand that safety is your first priority. Having a good safety plan is a critical strategy for reducing your risk.

Proconex and Emerson Process Management can provide you with digital intelligence and diagnostics to enable more automated safety loop testing and diagnostic features that increase system availability while reducing life-cycle costs and simplifying functional compliance.

Energy Efficiency

Our industry experts can help you achieve the optimized performance needed to reduce variability, minimize energy usage, and increase yield of preferred products.

Our team can assess and examine your valve performance as well as your mechanical equipment and optimize your boilers, steam headers, burner systems, fired heaters, distillation trains and turbines/generators. Our process control experts can review your control devices and strategies to make recommendations toward improved energy efficiency.

Proconex can work with you to achieve the highest yield possible for your facility.

  • Campaign Management can help you automatically schedule and start your next batch, allowing you to minimize transitions and maximize equipment utilization.
  • Document Management can help you to automate manual work instructions to achieve a seamless hand-off from manual to automatic procedures.

Valve, mechanical & instrument services
Proconex can provide you with applications engineering expertise, Valve, Instrument and Calibration Services.

Food and beverage automation services
Our services are designed to help you improve performance– from planning, design and implementation through operations, maintenance and long term sustainability.
Connect Plant Floor Data to Your Enterprise
Our expertise with process automation technology systems and final control devices puts Proconex in a unique position to help you gain valuable data from your plant assets, turn that data into actionable information, and help you share it enterprise wide to allow for business planning that drives bottom line return.
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