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Actuation Technologies

Proconex understands the importance of reducing plant downtime and improving plant productivity.
To reduce plant downtime and improve plant productivity, the right Valve Operating System™ (VOS) and actuator should be selected. Our team of experts at Proconex can guide you in the selection process. Our actuation product brands include Bettis™, EL-O-Matic™, EIM™, and Shafer™. These brands are known for their compact, lightweight, modular, corrosion resistant, robust, responsive, repeatable on/off capabilities. We also offer controls and gears. For decades, we continue to offer our customers field-proven, reliable, and safe valve automation solutions

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Proconex — the exclusive Emerson Impact Partner for customers in the Mid-Atlantic region—is dedicated to providing the reliable technologies that help you control, regulate, and isolate your process with absolute certainty. When looking for professionals who can help you operate safely, improve reliability, and optimize plant performance, look no further than the experts at Proconex. Contact us today!