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Internship Program Internship Program

Proconex strives to provide interns with a valuable learning experience while giving them an opportunity to contribute to the company in a meaningful way.

Areas of study that are most applicable to our internships are Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Some specialized degrees around Bio-Engineering or Industrial Automation Systems also apply well to our business.

Over the course of the internship experience, each intern is provided with a work plan that includes components of independent work as well as anticipated contribution to team projects. Interns are provided with the opportunity to meet with various department leads and gain exposure to multiple facets of the business. Each intern provides a weekly summary of activities, along with relevant feedback to the business, culminating in a presentation to the Executive Team summarizing their experience.

Areas of focus for previous interns have been:

Valves and Instrumentation:
This intern works with Proconex Application Engineers who directly connect with customers to understand their challenges and identify solutions based on the identified process requirements.

Technology & Integration Services:
This intern works within the Technology Development and Innovation Group which is responsible for development of new products and internal tools.

Engineering Services:
This intern will work with the Engineering Services team who are involved in all phases of a Systems Project Lifecycle including internal and customer kick-off, project implementation, acceptance testing, site support, and field service maintenance.
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