Valve & Control Services

Comprehensive Valve Services

Proconex offers a full portfolio of valve services to address the complexities and challenges of today’s industrial plants. Regardless of where you are in your plant’s lifecycle—design, implementation, optimization, or maintenance—Proconex can help you achieve a healthier bottom line.

Proconex proudly serves the Mid-Atlantic region with these In-House & Field Services:

  • Valve Sizing & Selection
  • Valve Automation & Actuation
  • Installation, Start-Up & Commissioning
  • Onsite Upgrades & Modifications
  • Valve Diagnostics
  • Preventative Maintenance & Service Agreements
  • Onsite Emergency Repairs
  • Safety Valve Testing & Repair
  • Turnkey Outage Planning & Management
  • Spare Parts Management
  • 45 Field Technicians
  • 45,000 sf Dedicated to Repair, Testing & Inventory

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Desuperheater Nozzle Inspection, Testing & Replacement Services

Nozzles can become clogged by debris, wear, and magnetite particulate build up, eroding your critical surfaces. Reduce the risks of equipment failures and return your desuperheating technologies to the levels of performance you once experienced! Call the Pros at Proconex to get your nozzles checked, cleaned or replaced during your next plant shutdown.

FlowScanner™: Reliable ESDVs Provide Operational Certainty

While Emergency Shut Down Valves (ESDVs) are designed as a safety measure, potential problems can occur if the actuator is unable to shut the valve completely, so it’s important to ensure they are operating properly. By using the Fisher® FlowScanner 6000, you have more data, are better prepared, and can meet insurance and government documentation requirements.

Outage Management

Properly planned outages and shutdowns can be useful opportunities to align maintenance with facility goals and implement long-term plant reliability. By engaging Proconex early on, we can help create a known, quantifiable, and supportable scope of work using our proven process to schedule and prioritize ongoing maintenance.

Safety Relief and Isolation Valve Repair Center

Atlantic Valve Services (AVS), part of the Proconex family of companies, serves Emerson customers in the Mid-Atlantic Region. They offer a variety of field and shop services, including: valve assembly, valve repair, valve testing, upgrades & modifications, plant walkdowns, asset management, and a O2 clean room.

Valve Diagnostics: Effectively Predict Valve Maintenance

The Pros at Proconex can provide a bridge from corrective or time-based preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance on your critical valves—before a problem occurs. With our diagnostic services, you can perform diagnostics on ANY air-operated valve; coordinate field testing and data interpretation; maximize uptime and schedule downtime effectively; and diagnose control valve issues while in-service.


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Critical Valves: Why Valves’ Brand Names Matter

When It comes to servicing critical valves and related parts ‘brand names’ matter. Cheaper can actually mean higher cost—the cost of less than optimal performance, or worse. At Proconex, we only use OEM parts, which are guaranteed to be the highest quality possible. Read more about the issues that can arise with non-OEM parts and how to avoid them.

EPA Compliance Solutions for Monitoring PRDs

Proconex offers solutions for EPA regulatory compliance with additional benefits—increased throughput, improved asset management, superior record keeping, early detection of leaking Pressure Relief Devices (pressure relief valves or PRVs, pressure safety valves, and rupture discs), and the knowledge to better manage your maintenance schedule.

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