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ASCO™ Series S307 Pinch solenoid valves
Asco Series s307 Solenoid Valve
ASCO Series S307 pinch valves can control any fluids that is compatible with the tubing material, protecting the fluid from all contamination, including temperature changes.
These characteristics make this valve suitable to control a wide range of fluids including those in the analytical, medical and food industry.
ASCO™ Series S307 Pinch solenoid valves


Body Material
Anodized aluminium
Valve Actuation
Solenoid - Direct Acting
3/2 Normally Closed; 3/2 Normally Open
Pinching device
POM (reinforced acetal copolymer)
Internal components
Stainless steel
Core tube
Stainless steel


  • Pinch solenoid valve, suitable to shut off media without producing neither turbulent flows, nor dead spaces.
  • One tubing is normally closed (NC) while the other one is normally open (NO).
  • High flow rate under the same conditions of internal diameter of different solenoid valves; the system allows a bi-directional through flow.
  • The valves are suitable for soft SILICONE tubings or others, similar as to elasticity and hardness (50 shore A).
  • The tubing is the only material in contact with the fluid.
  • The tubings are not included in our supply.