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LeakSentinel™ Leak Detection Software for Energy Pipelines
Emerson’s LeakSentinel Software is a robust, easy-to-deploy, low maintenance leak detection solution for energy pipelines. This advanced, standalone software enables operators to more easily meet regulatory and reporting needs by providing coverage to the four corners of API RP 1130 for sensitivity, reliability, robustness, and accuracy. It also complies with every aspect of API RP 1175, merging seamlessly into leak detection program management. In addition, the software complies with the specific leak detection requirements stated by CSA and TRFL. With LeakSentinel, rest assured your staff will have the tools to make the right decisions at the right time to protect lives, the environment, and your assets against the damaging effects of loss of containment and mitigate risk.


  • An ideal leak detection solution for less instrumented, shorter length pipelines that are associated with gas gathering systems, chemical feedstock lines, inter-terminal lines, and produced water.
  • LeakSentinel offers best-in-class mathematical techniques, using machine learning and artificial intelligence, to improve sensitivity while delivering superior reliability and robustness.
  • Analytics with enriched statistical inference provide accurate leak detection for pipeline assets that cannot be monitored as easily using traditional real-time transient model (RTTM) solutions.
  • Software provides real-time monitoring and alarming for system upset conditions, including leak detection and location.
  • False alarms can be significantly reduced by adjusting the threshold and analyzing historical data.
  • Reliable event logs provide an easier path for compliance with regulatory agencies.
  • Industry-leading VisualPipeline™ GUI ensures users have optimal visibiity to pipeline operations to facilitate daily operations while providing in-depth analysis that can be easily deciphered.
  • Minimal instrumentation requirements, simpler configuration, and a small application footprint – even when failover is required – allow for rapid deployment.
  • Specifically designed to be easy-to-configure and deploy, LeakSentinel interfaces directly to a control system (i.e. SCADA).
  • As a standalone product, LeakSentinel Software interfaces with primary control room applications through industry standard protocols.
  • LeakSentinel Software can also run fully integrated with Emerson's PipelineManager™ applications and technologies, including RuptureSentinel™ and real-time transient model (RTTM) leak detection.