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Non-OEM Parts Can Be Hazardous to Your Facility’s Health

Despite their budget-friendly appeal, OEM alternative parts may not keep your factory running to its full capacity long term. The high level attention to detail that goes into Fisher OEM parts cannot be replicated by another manufacturer. Any short term savings from purchasing these alternative parts could result in shutting down your plant for hours or even days. The cost of a possible shutdown far outweighs the cost of investing in OEM parts initially.

Inferior Valve Parts Can Cause:

  • Setpoint deviation leading to operational waste
  • Reduced service life from high friction 
  • Galling of the surfaces
  • Leaks that cause safety, OSHA or EPA issues
  • Complete valve failure

Plant Safety is #1

Chances are likely that your plant has hundreds of control valves. Trusting that number of products with a lesser version is potentially harmful. It may save you monetarily in the short term, but the long term effects could cause irreparable damage. Carefully crafted and tested Fisher control parts are the way to go.

Read more about the dangers of non-OEM valve parts by downloading this article.
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