Proconex employees recently collected 120 pounds of candy during Halloween to support our troops overseas. The candy was collected, packaged, and shipped to our troops stationed all over the world.

Operation Gratitude supports the military to give our soldiers everyday amenities they otherwise wouldn’t have while serving in other countries. Operation Gratitude sends care packages filled with entertainment, handmade items, non-perishable snacks, and personal letters of appreciation to U.S. troops in more than 160 locations around the world.

Collection locations were established in the Royersford office where Proconex Veterans who served in one of the military branches could collect donated candy at their desks. Proconex employees were happy to gather sweet treats to ship to troops during the holiday!

Our veterans are:
Dale Bennett, U.S. Marines
Doug Bower, U.S. Air Force
Leslie Bryson, U.S. Army
Briana Dzoh, U.S. Navy
Ruth Hanson, U.S. Navy
Dave Henn, U.S. Marines
Mitch Kelley, U.S. Marines
Zach Malkin, U.S. Marines
Mike Tweedy, U.S. Air Force
Brent Dyson, U.S. Air Force
Dan Fisher, U.S Marines

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