Proconex Can Meet All of Your Final Control Needs

Following a major expansion of our valves and controls business, Proconex, the exclusive Emerson Impact Partner in the Mid-Atlantic region, has reinforced its valves & control devices portfolio, including a complete range of isolation valves and automated valve solutions.

We offer both standard and customized solutions, regardless of the demand you have on a valve. As a single supplier, we can positively impact the timing and delivery—as well as provide an expanded range of services onsite.

Our portfolio includes: Butterfly Valves, Lined Valves, Ball Valves (Floating and Trunnion, Triple Offset Valves, Knife Gate Valves, Angle Slurry Isolation Valves, GGC Valves (for Power and Oil & Gas applications), Automated Valve Solutions, Lifecycle Services, and Asset Management Solutions. Our key brands include: Clarkson, Fasani, Fisher, FCT, Keystone, KTM, Neotecha, Raimondi, Sempell, Vanessa, Virgo, and Yarway.

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Proconex is dedicated to providing the reliable technologies that help you control, regulate, and isolate your process with absolute certainty. When looking for a partner who can help you operate safely, improve reliability, and optimize plant performance, look no further than the experts at Proconex. Contact us today!