PK Controller Bridges the Gap Between DCS and PLC Systems

Decrease project schedule risk, simplify training requirements and reduce overall cost of ownership.

Having multiple data sources from PLC’s and skid units are challenging to integrate into one database. If your facility maintains multiple platforms, you’re experiencing operational limitations that increase project schedule risk associated with using multiple skid packages.

The PK Controller is the industry’s first modular DCS controller that is fit for purpose, across industries and applications. A powerful standalone, able to run independently or integrate easily into a larger DeltaV system.

The PK Controller is the fastest and most powerful controller ever developed. It’s easy to implement as a standalone solution and features a full scale DeltaV system including:

  • Advanced process control
  • Batch production
  • Historization
  • Easy redundancy
  • IIoT ready
    • The first OPC server embedded in a DCS controller
    • Securely connects to cloud analysis and third party software without adding footprint or engineering time.

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