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New Ultra Tight Thief Hatch Offers Industry-leading Performance to Address Emissions Regulations

The Enardo ES-665 spring loaded thief hatch is now available at Proconex! The ES-665 is a new generation hatch intended for use in applications where ultra-tight sealing is required such as sour crude/gas or where strict environmental emissions standards are enforced.

ES-665 has been engineered with increased sealing forces, as well as with a tight and consistent fit of the sealing surfaces. The resulting emissions performance of the Enardo ES-665 thief hatch is an industry-leading 0.10 SCFH (standard cubic feet/hour) at 90 percent of setpoint*.

In addition to providing emissions control, the Enardo ES-665 minimizes escape of evaporated tank liquid, which conserves the tank’s valuable oil or gas contents.

Enardo Dead Weight Hatches are generally used on low-pressure, steel and fiberglass tanks. When excessive pressure builds within the storage tank, the vent’s hinged cover begins to open at the predetermined set pressure, relieving excess pressure. When the overpressure has dissipated, the cover reseats onto the base. When excessive vacuum builds within the storage tank, the spring-loaded pallet lifts, breaking the seal between the seat and pallet. The vacuum valve reseals upon relief.

The Enardo ES-665 is a new ultra-tight thief hatch that reduces storage tank emissions, and conserves tank contents.

Proconex is an authorized Factory Representative for Enardo, one of the largest manufacturers of pressure vacuum relief valves, gauge hatches, emergency pressure relief vents, flame arrestors, and detonation flame arrestors.

* Based on testing at ambient conditions in accordance with API (American Petroleum Institute) 2000 and competitive published data.​