EPA Compliance Solutions for Monitoring PRDs

Proconex offers solutions for EPA regulatory compliance with additional benefits—increased throughput, improved asset management, superior record keeping, early detection of leaking Pressure Relief Devices (pressure relief valves or PRVs, pressure safety valves, and rupture discs), and the knowledge to better manage your maintenance schedule.

EPA Requirements

Two critical sections of the EPA Regulation for controlling toxic air emissions from petroleum refineries (40 CFR Part 63 Subpart CC Sections 63.648 and 63.670), originally published in December of 2015 and later amended in July of 2016, require an electronic monitoring solution to be implemented less than a year from today—with a deadline of January 30, 2019. While this particular EPA regulation is focused on refineries, it is our opinion that other process industries will eventually fall under similar regulations.

This rule will virtually eliminate smoking flare emissions and process upset emission events, and will require refineries to monitor emissions at key emission sources within their facilities and around their fence lines. According to the EPA, this rule will result in a reduction of 5,200 tons per year of toxic air pollutants, and 50,000 tons per year of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

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