Critical Valves: Risk vs. Reward

Cheaper Can Actually Mean Higher Cost—
The Cost of Less Than Optimal Performance, or Worse

When It Comes to Servicing Critical Valves and Related Parts ‘Brand Names’ Matter.

At Proconex, we only use OEM parts, which are guaranteed to be the highest quality possible. When a non-OEM part was installed at one of our customer sites, they had performance issues. Furthermore, we had trouble servicing it—resulting in lost time, energy, and money.

Our service team was called in response to a critical valve that wouldn’t completely shut off. The team was trying to perform service on this valve but could not get it apart for two days. Once we removed the part, we noticed that it didn’t look like the new one we ordered. When we verified the part with our internal resources, we learned that the part coming out was definitely not an OEM part, but the one going in was. The customer was also surprised to learn that it was not an OEM part. Once we installed the new part, the valve began performing better immediately.

Learn more about how to avoid these type of problems below.

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