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Tartarini NG PRMS Station Controller Type RAF
Tartarini NG PRMS Station Controller Type RAF
The RAF is a natural gas station automation system, allowing automated control for any type of gas station without the need for field intervention by an operator.
The system consists of a control panel, incorporating an Emerson operating SW and a 7” touch screen, which operates automated control loops through a dedicated actuator integrated into the active regulators of a Natural Gas PRMS (Pressure Reducing & Metering Station). RAF can be easily retrofitted into any existing PRMS requiring only to modify the existing sensing lines. The RAF could be easily connected, to communicate through existing RTUs or other controllers, via Modbus RTU/TCP protocol, to existing SCADA systems. Also an embedded webserver interface is available.
Tartarini NG PRMS Station Controller Type RAF


Cabinet Material:
Resin IP55
220-240 Vac 50/60 Hz (24 Vdc Optional)
120 W @ 24 Vdc
Electromagnetic Interferences:
Compliant to 89/336/EC
Operating Temperature:
-10 +40 °C
10% - 90% no condensate


  • Automated pressure control
  • Automated Outlet Pressure Set point change
  • Split of the flow through multiple lines
  • Max station flow rate limitation
  • Metering system accuracy improvement
  • Heating system optimization to reduce self-consumption and GHG emissions
  • Monitoring of the most important operating conditions and remote diagnostic
  • Customized functions