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Special Applications – Bespoke Polymer Products
Using PolyOil’s knowledge and understanding of Polymer Technology, we provide a bespoke design service where moulded and machined designs can be developed that incorporate lightweight, low friction material and"tried and tested features," such as the "Toggle Pivot Bolt" system.
Moulded designs can be buoyant, if necessary.
Special Applications – Bespoke Polymer Products


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  • High impact, wear resistant and the toughest materials on the market today.
  • Natural properties of the polymers make them lightweight, safer and easier to handle and less abrasive alongside other equipment.
  • Hinged designs make the products simple and fast to fit.
  • Toggle/swing bolt ensure fast latching of pre-engaged bolts.
  • Reduced costs through slicker deployment.
  • Sleek and stable designs – less likely to hang up.
  • Outstanding umbilical cable protection.
  • Buoyant materials - floats in the event of problems.