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PolyOil Umbilical Poly-Tector
The Poly-Tector provides safe, easy-to-use and reliable "in riser" umbilical protection and is suitable for mid joint and cross coupling applications.
The Poly-Tector comes with maximum flexibility with two versions available for threaded and coupled landing strings, and also for drill pipe running strings. The low-density polymer is safe, low weight and easy to handle, can be customized to suit exact umbilical sizes or configurations, and delivers significant cost savings.
PolyOil Umbilical Poly-Tector


Workovers, Landing Strings, Completion and Tree Running, Inside Riser, Subsea Intervention, Tubing Mounted, Drill Pipe Mounted, Multiple Umbilical, External to Riser.


  • Outstanding umbilical protection and more protective towards fragile equipment (wellheads, tubular handling equipment, marine riser etc..) than metals are.
  • Weight efficiencies enable Poly-Tector to be geometrically optimized yet still of a manageable and safe working weight, ensuring safe handling and fitting at rig site. No need for special fittings or lifting aids.
  • Reduced costs through slicker deployment.
  • Hinged design allows for fast fits and easy retrofitting; Toggle/swing bolt ensures fast latching.
  • Low friction material and wear resistant. Does not corrode.
  • Sleek and stable shaped designs – less likely to hang-up.
  • Lightweight polymer can float (low SG material), making retrieval simple in the unlikely event of one becoming detached or damaged.