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Rosemount™ 848T Wireless Temperature Transmitter
Rosemount 848T Wireless Temperature Transmitter is the premier choice for high density measurements via a WirelessHART®device.
This transmitter accepts up to four independently configurable inputs, dramatically reducing your installation and operational costs per point through the use of a smart, reliable and secure wireless network. Additionally, the field-hardened enclosure allows for installation close to any process, even in hazardous areas.
Rosemount™ 848T Wireless Temperature Transmitter


Four independently configurable inputs, including 2-, 3- and 4-wire RTDs, thermocouples, 0-1000mV and 0-10V, 2-, 3- and 4-wire ohm, and 4-20 mA signals
Output Signal
WirelessHART® Protocol
Field hardened aluminum enclosure
Calibration Options
5-point calibration
Hazardous location, marine type, see full specs for complete list of certifications
Update Rate
4 sec. to 60 min., user selectable
Power Module Life
Up to 10-year life, field replaceable (order separately)
Antenna Type
External (standard and extended range)


  • WirelessHART® technology is secure, cost-effective and delivers >99% data reliability
  • Best price per point solution accepts�four configurable inputs (RTD, thermocouple, ohm, millivolt and 4�to 20 mA signals)
  • Field-hardened enclosure allows for installation close to any process, even in harsh environments and hazardous areas
  • Extended range antenna offers wireless communication for long distance installations
  • Designed with up to�eight configurable alerts for advanced measurement monitoring
  • Device dashboards display an easy interface for simplified device configuration and diagnostic troubleshooting
  • SmartPower™ module provides up to 10-year maintenance-free operation and field replacement without transmitter removal
  • Easy installation enables quick instrumentation of measurement points without the cost of wiring