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Webinar: ESG Insights from Industry Leaders

June 9, 2021

You're Invited:
Attend Our Webinar to Enable the Next Steps in Your ESG Journey

As the oil and gas industry continues to evolve, ESG (environmental, social and governance) solutions have become a top priority to reduce emissions. 

Join us on June 30 at 12PM to gain insights from industry leaders who are embracing ESG initiatives and embarking on a journey to zero emissions. You will learn how EQT is setting the standard for change throughout the industry, as well as gain insights into the emissions-reducing solutions being implemented by CanadianEagle.
Meet Our Featured Industry Leaders:
Learn how to eliminate regulatory fines, enhance investor and stakeholder relations, and improve production. The path forward may seem complicated, but there are many potential solutions to advance your ESG objectives and this webinar will help you start or continue your journey.
June 30 | 12PM ET

This webinar is sponsored by a group of Emerson Impact Partners in collaboration with Hart Energy.