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Ten Reasons Why DeltaV Customers Are Using DataJaguar™

April 15, 2020

Installing the DataJaguar System Is Integral to Your Operations Improvement Program

Batch operators are often presented with the latest and greatest operations improvement programs; however, only one solution provides the ability to gain insights into the causes of batch process delays from day one—and that’s DataJaguar. 
Here are ten reasons why your operations team will thank you for installing DataJaguar:

  1. DataJaguar is the ONLY out-of-the-box, continuous operational improvement tool designed specifically for the DeltaV Batch system.
  2. DataJaguar is ready, with ZERO change to your DeltaV configuration, to display current batch status and compare one unit, recipe, or plant with another.
  3. DataJaguar is an ongoing operational improvement platform.
  4. DataJaguar collects operational data, in real time, from the people who know what is happening. The data is shown in operations terms, allowing all plant personnel to understand progress, not just those familiar with the automation recipes. This operational data is categorized in an understandable hierarchy.
  5. DataJaguar instantly focuses on the improvement process by separating noise from actionable items. Users are presented with pre-built analytical views, highlighting the reoccurring losses, allowing action and improvement of work practices. DataJaguar allows users to spend time on operational improvement rather than data collection, mining, and presentation.
  1. DataJaguar is not just another analytic tool to do great things with. It quickly measures effective production time vs. lost production time. This metric provides a quick view of your entire plant’s performance and enables all personnel to stay on target and find reoccurring issues.
  2. DataJaguar pinpoints actionable items for your team to work from.
  3. DataJaguar is more valuable than a toolbox that you can ‘supposedly’ use for wonderful things. How many tools have the ability to help you take action right out of the box?
  4. DataJaguar provides a prebuilt dashboard view that anyone in the plant can read, understand, and act upon. It provides views in common operational terms, not automation language.
  5. DataJaguar has been demonstrated to improve visibility in all areas of the plant, not just the control room.
DataJaguar gives DeltaV customers an instant advantage as soon as it is installed. Batch operators will be thankful for its ability to quickly identify the causes of batch process delays, leading to operational efficiency in all areas of your plant. 
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