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DeltaV™ Implementation II - Intermediate

Course 7017 | CEUs: 3.2

Date to be Announced

Location: Proconex - Royersford, PA

Price: $5,000

Prerequisites: Course 7009 or 7409


This course is for process control engineers responsible for designing, implementing and testing configuration using the DeltaV system.

During the 4-1/2 day course, the student will be able to identify function block structures, interpret function block status values, design error masking, define nodes, configure class-based control modules using the Command-Driven algorithms. This course includes acess to a virtual DeltaV system to practice and review course workshops complete with brief recorded demonstrations (Configuration of Equipment Modules for Supervisory Control, Custom Faceplates and Dynamos) available after course completion.

Course topics include:

  • Function Block Structures & Status Values
  • Analog Control Palette Blocks PID Bias/Gain, Deadtime, Ratio, Signal Characterizer, Splitter
  • HART Inputs and Outputs
  • HART Device Alarms
  • AMS Intelligent Device Manager
  • Unit Alarms
  • DeltaV Tune with InSight
  • Device Control Options
  • Class Based Control Modules