Reliable Emergency Shut Down Valves Provide Operational Certainty

Utilities, Gas Companies, Process Plants, and Refineries Can Meet Safety, Company, Insurance, and Regulatory Requirements with FlowScanner™ Diagnostics for their ESDVs

While Emergency Shut Down Valves (ESDVs) are designed as a safety measure, potential problems can occur if the actuator is unable to shut the valve completely, so it’s important to ensure they are operating properly.

How Can You Be Certain of Their Condition?

Several Proconex customers have taken Operational Certainty to an entirely new level. With traditional methods, you can send a signal to verify that your ESDV either opens or closes; however, that’s the limit of your information. You can’t determine HOW the valve is closing.

Be prepared for the next time you need maintenance or long lead times when ordering a replacement valve.

By using the Fisher® FlowScanner 6000, you have more data, are better prepared, and can meet insurance and government or insurance documentation requirements. While the reports can definitely help you with compliance, this issue is mostly about safety. ESDV Testing is a cost–effective service that the Proconex Mechanical Services team can provide.

About Fisher® FlowScanner™

The FlowScanner 6000 is a powerful valve diagnostic tool that can help evaluate the performance of all makes and models of control valves—accurately and efficiently. A highly portable field test instrument, the FlowScanner 6000 is ideally suited for process plant conditions. There’s no need to remove or disassemble the valves for testing. We simply hook up the FlowScanner 6000 to your valves to evaluate the valve’s operating condition and identify any corrective actions that might be required. Contact Proconex to learn more about the FlowScanner 6000.

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