The Pros at Proconex

With over 50 experts at multiple locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, Proconex provides the expertise, technology, and resources to design, implement, maintain, optimize, and continuously improve your plant operations.


Outage Management

This year alone, Proconex will manage an estimated 35 outages in the Mid-Atlantic region. Properly planned outages and shutdowns can be useful opportunities to align maintenance with facility goals and implement long-term plant reliability. By engaging Proconex early on, we can help create a known, quantifiable, and supportable scope of work using our proven process to schedule and prioritize ongoing maintenance.

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Reviewing Your Pressure Relief Systems

When it’s time to review your pressure relief systems, you can count on the Pros at Proconex. Through our exclusive partnership with Emerson, Proconex offers a breadth of products to solve challenging applications. In the video below, Proconex highlights three common scenarios that often arise from a pressure relief system evaluation, as well as the Proconex solutions that can address these problems.

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Protecting Tank Integrity

Our Tank Integrity solutions protect fixed-roof storage tanks, as well as the assets inside the tank, for customers in the refining, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries. Watch the video below to learn more about issues that Proconex can address to protect tank integrity and maintain plant safety. Issues included are: protection against overpressure or excessive vacuum, maintaining product quality, protection against flammable vapor space, and environmental concerns.

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Isolation Valves—All Brands, In Stock

You may already know Proconex for our engineering expertise, control valves, mechanical services, and valve automation. What you may not be aware of is that customers increasingly rely on us to support ALL of their isolation valves and equipment. Let Proconex help you select the appropriate valves and related equipment for your needs.

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Take Safety to a Whole New Level

Overpressure protection in a process is something that everyone pays attention to for obvious safety reasons; however, while the pressure vessels and associated piping are protected, the pneumatic actuators automating the process may not be protected from your instrument air pressure. This can lead to leakage, device failure, or more serious safety incidents.

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An Inside Look:
Warehouse & Assembly Operations

Lately, our warehouse has been particularly busy installing actuators, testing equipment, and organizing some very large shipments. We recently shipped 50 Keystone™ Butterfly Valves to a single customer! Many of our isolation products are in stock and ready for customer shipment…many times overnight.

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