From The Pros at Proconex: How to use Spectro MiniLab 53 for OnSite Oil Analysis Testing

In today’s competitive environment, industrial plant personnel are searching for new and better ways to reduce costs and eliminate unnecessary maintenance repairs on their oil analysis equipment.

In this month’s Reliability Interview, Brian Dzoh, Reliability Expert, provides practical insight on how to increase equipment longevity by reducing unexpected downtime and maintenance costs using Spectro’s MiniLab 53 for onsite oil analysis.

What Can the MiniLab53 Be Used For?

The MiniLab 53 is an analytical tool for on-site oil analysis testing. It’s designed for use by industrial plant personnel to monitor lubricant chemistry, contamination and machinery wear. By analyzing fluid chemistry, the unit measures Total Acid Number (TAN), Total Base Number (TBN), soot, oxidation, nitration and sulfation.

The MiniLab 53 identifies machinery wear and failure modes which allow preventative maintenance before a catastrophic failure occurs. It measures oil chemistry, sources of contamination and machinery wear debris. It also features a portable viscometer and FluidScan which allows QA testing at the receiving dock and in-service testing at the machine.

Why Use the MiniLab 53?

Getting immediate results at your facility of the condition of production equipment will prevent downtime as well as costly maintenance. The MiniLab 53 provides real-time analyses at the plant location, so you can know the health of the oil being tested and the steps needed to rectify any potential problems.

The diagram below addresses questions that can be answered using the MiniLab 53 at your site. Once these issues are identified, a proactive solution can be achieved to save countless hours of downtime as well as costly maintenance on the equipment.

The MiniLab 53 reduces maintenance costs by scheduling maintenance based on the predictive analytics of machine wear, rather than reacting to unexpected component failure. The MiniLab 53 also can verify that new oil is the right oil and fit for use, as well as being fast, simple and easy to use. Using the MiniLab 53, you’ll be able to get results in less than ten minutes and the unit can be operated by plant staff without having a chemist on site.

You can learn more about the MiniLab 53 here or contact us with questions.