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How to Start a Vibration Program

Vibration programs are developed to monitor machines and find potentially damaging problems before they arise. In this month’s Reliability Interview, Brian Dzoh, Reliability Expert at Proconex, will help us understand how to develop a successful vibration program.

How do you start a successful vibration program?

First, identify the right personnel to manage your program. If you are going to hire a PdM technician, make sure they posess the right skill set, which includes deep knowledge, understanding and ability to perform data dog/remote analysis. If outsourcing program management, you’ll want a service provider who has experience developing sustainable programs with positive return on investment, as well as in-depth knowledge of the tools needed to support a successful program.

How do you identify which equipment to monitor?

You’ll want to list any critical equipment to your specific plant process. Make sure that you retrieve all data of the necessary equipment.  If you are unsure as how to retrieve the data or do not have internal resources to do so, service providers can assist in creating the necessary databases and pulling the data for you.

How do you determine which monitoring tools are needed?

It’s important to choose the appropriate vibration monitoring equipment for your plant. Here are some suggestions:

  • Choose the correct hardware
    • Single: This would be appropriate for a small warehouse or manufacturer
    • Dual: This would be appropriate for a large manufacturer
    • Four Channel: This would be appropriate for an advanced program seeking in-depth analysis
  • Choose the correct software
    • Single seat
    • Lan on sever at plant or site
    • Wan on server at corporate

It is important to select the data collection method or blend of methods that suits the needs of your site based on factors such as plant environment, physical size and layout, number of personnel and safety, to name a few. Our recent discussion about Vibration Data Collection Methods can provide some further insight.

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