What the 377BT Infrared Thermometer Does & How it Works

Performing regular tests and audits of your machinery is fundamental to ensuring that everything is operating at the right capacity. This also includes the amount of heat that the equipment is putting off. Having a reliable thermometer can help you take stock of the different components and their temperature so you can stay ahead of any maintenance or even replacements should the component be malfunctioning.

In this month’s reliability interview, Brian Dzoh, Reliability Expert, Proconex, is here to discuss the capabilities and applications of the 377BT Infrared Thermometer and how it relates to many fields

How Does the 377BT Infrared Thermometer Work?

This infrared thermometer allows the user to measure the heat from any type of machine, system, or component that’s generally expected to put off some significant temperatures. This no-contact thermometer simply uses an infrared wavelength to detect the temperature of the surface of the object in which you’re measuring within one second. It can accurately measure a wide range of temperatures within 0 to 1,832 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 to 1,000 degrees Celsius). The emissivity can be adjusted in between 0.3 to 0.99.

What Can the 377BT Infrared Thermometer Be Used For?

There are a wide range of applications for this infrared thermometer. It can be used to measure the temperature of electrical equipment and components such as transformers, cables, breakers, and even motors. The 377BT Infrared Thermometer is a valuable tool when it comes to performing audits and inspections of HVACR systems by allowing the user to detect any leaks, insulation, as well as the operating temperature of compressor heads and the ventilation output.

This infrared thermometer even has applications in the food service industry. It can effectively gauge the temperature from grills, flat tops, broilers, and ovens, as well as refrigerator temperatures to ensure proper storage temperatures for health code requirements. It can allow you to be sure that all of your systems are in order, so you can avoid any temperature violation during a health inspection.

Why Use the 377BT Infrared Thermometer?

This multi-use tool can be used in a variety of industries where temperature maintenance is an important factor for the day-to-day operations. This particular infrared thermometer not only tells you the temperature by aiming and shooting, but it also features a recorder that can take the measurement notes for you. It also features Bluetooth® communication, which can send the date to any control room or maintenance program, where all the temperatures can be recorded in a database.

Given the wide temperature range that the 377BT Infrared Thermometer is capable of, it’s a valuable resource when it’s time to perform audits and inspections to your various systems and components that are prone to heat up while in use. By routinely checking the temperature output of these components, you’ll be able to determine if they’re running a little too hot and may require maintenance. It’s a way of ensuring that you can potentially put off replacing the component when all it needs is a little preventative maintenance.

Some machines and components, especially related to HVACR, feature temperature gauges. However, those gauges can get broken and provide inaccurate readings. This infrared thermometer not only provides accurate readings, but it’s easy to use and retrieve data from. If being used manually without the Bluetooth®, it features the readings on the back of the handle for seven seconds after the trigger is released.

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