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Outage Management
Quarterbacking An Outage Coordination & Turnaround Management Project

The Professionals at Proconex can guide you through our 6-step comprehensive Outage Management Process. In our experience, execution depends on the quality and thoroughness of the plan, so we pay a lot of attention to detail right up front. Our outage management professionals work with some of the top refineries and gas utility companies in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Read our 6-step guide or watch the video!

Featuring Matthew Dezzi, Mechanical Services Manager

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Customer Story:
Efficiencies Gained By Consolidating Resources Under One Vendor

Historically, this chemical plant managed their own outages and hired individual contractors for each specialty area. Outages were considered adequate but inefficient. The entire process was not well-planned or coordinated, and they lacked an overall ‘big picture’ perspective. As one of this plant’s go-to contractors, Proconex was receiving purchase orders and service requests piecemeal—there were 72 different purchase orders and the number was growing. Proconex identified this pattern as an ‘outage event’ and recognized the opportunity to improve outcomes.

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Customer Story:
Planned Shutdowns: A Science and An Art

The Safety Valve Maintenance team at one of the east coast’s largest natural gas and electric utilities has been working with the Atlantic Valve Services (AVS) team, consisting of four technicians, for almost ten years. Over that time, the client has adopted and streamlined how they handle their maintenance for over 200 safety valves at their primary location, using best practices in the industry, as well as lessons learned from a well-honed team. One of their standard practices involves planning prior to a shutdown, as well as discussions post-shutdown.

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With over 50 experts at multiple locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, Proconex can provide the expertise, technology, and resources to design, implement, maintain, optimize, and continuously improve your plant operations.